Newly released Windows Command Reference details 250 Windows console commands

Arif Bacchus

The Command Prompt is one of the hallmark features of the Windows operating system, but for average and novice users, it can sometimes be too technical to understand. Well, Microsoft recently released a Windows Command Reference, which details over 250 Windows console commands (via BleepingComputer.)

The reference guide can be found here for download on Microsoft’s official website. It can prove to be pretty useful for IT Pros and even those looking to learn more about Windows Commands. It lists all commands from A-Z in a total of 948 pages, but also includes step-by-step descriptions of each command and even examples on how to use commands in any given environment.

Feel free to check it out for yourself, as the guide might refresh your memory, or leave you with something that you never knew about before. Have you ever used Command Prompt in Windows 10 to accomplish simple tasks? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.