New Xbox One Preview Build delivers fixes for Messaging, Cortana, Narrator and more

Jack Wilkinson

Microsoft is releasing another Xbox One Preview Build to those registered in the Preview Program. This build is delivering fixes for several core aspects of the console, including Messaging, Cortana, Narrator, Virtual Keyboard and Settings.

With build number 1610.161103-1900, we have the following changelog:

When a user attempts to send a message and cannot due to low reputation, that user will now see a dialog informing them of the reason they cannot send messages, and direct them to Xbox Support.

Speech recognition for France, Italy, Germany, and Spain has been updated in this build to better recognize your voice commands. If you are located in one these locales, we encourage you to opt in to Cortana via the Cortana app in My games & apps. As you use Cortana we collect field data, allowing us to improve the Cortana experience for everyone.
Groove Music should no longer crash when launched via Cortana.

Resolved an issue which caused OneGuide to crash if launched while Narrator is active.

Virtual Keyboard
Resolved an issue which could sometimes cause the virtual keyboard to stop recognizing input.

The Detailed Network Statistics page should no longer appear blank if Xbox Live is experiencing an outage at the same time.

When turning on the console, it will prompt to update before being able to connect to Xbox Live. The new update may not be available just yet but will be later today.