New Windows 10 Reddit client ‘Legere’ makes full use of UWP

Kareem Anderson

While journalists debate the livelihood of Microsoft’s UWP development platform, it seems real-world users and developers are still seeing benefit from it, for the time being.

A developer by the name of Sergio Pedri just unveiled his new UWP Reddit client, via his Twitter handle @SergioPedri.

The app dubbed Legere appears to make full use of the user-facing feature set for both Windows 10 and Reddit by including:

  • multiple user profiles
  • background notifications
  • live tiles
  • Windows Timeline integration
  • Jump List support
  • markdown syntax highlight
  • live tile preview
  • MyTube compact overlay mode integration for videos and more…

With only a brief hands-on experience, the app feels swift, well thought and makes very good use of animations, overlays and acrylic highlights in its windowed presentation. The settings options are relatively extensive putting the user in control of NSFW filters, theme colors, how web links are rendered, user tag searches, wallpapers, and more.

As some of the original Reddit clients are left seemingly development abandoned or showing their age, I would recommend giving this new client a few minutes of your time.

Legere for Reddit
Legere for Reddit
Developer: Sergio Pedri
Price: Free