New Windows 10 mixed reality apps show up in Windows Store

Brad Stephenson

Acer Windows Mixed Reality Development Edition headset!

HP and Acer have both launched their own official apps for their Windows 10 augmented/virtual/mixed reality headsets. Both apps are very simple and are designed to help first-time users set up their devices and also showcase the hardware’s capabilities.

HP’s Device Companion Application is described as, “the application that comes at first run holographic device. When the user plug in the VR HMD (Head Mounted Display), it will run automatically and users are immediately delighted by holographic experiences and can seamlessly set up VR device,” while Acer’s Acer Windows Mixed Reality HMD DCA app is described only as a “Companion app for the Acer Windows Mixed Reality Head-Mounted Display.”

Microsoft has been investing heavily in augmented/virtual/mixed reality headsets for both Windows 10 devices and their Xbox One console recently. Are you interested in this sort of technology? Let us know in the comments below.

HP Mixed Reality Headset Setup
HP Mixed Reality Headset Setup
Developer: HP Inc.
Price: Free