New white version of Xbox Elite Controller shows up in unboxing video

Robert Collins

It appears that an unannounced white version of the Xbox Elite Controller has already made its public debut on YouTube.

The video in question is an unboxing video about a minute and a half long, and was posted on July 12 on the Nicholas Lugo channel. The video shows a white Xbox Elite Controller with black grips. Back in March it was reported that a similar Xbox controller had been spotted at an unnamed retailer.

While many are anticipating the debut of the Series 3 Xbox Elite Controller, the video in question clearly states in the title that this black and white controller is a Series 2 one.

It is interesting to note that Microsoft will be present at Gamescom on August 24. That is the same event in which Microsoft first announced its white Elite controller four years ago. Even more interesting is that that controller was also leaked before it was announced.