New video offers peek at several Xbox One X enhanced games

Michael Cottuli

Xbox One X Controller

DigitalFoundry is one of best websites out there for gamers who are snobs about graphics, and they have a video out talking about each of the games that are enhanced by Xbox One X. It’s a great watch for people who are looking to be sold on the new console, or people who just want to hear some jargon about nice looking games.

Rich and John from DigitalFoundry both had some interesting things to say about the Xbox One X, and several of the games that are getting improved by it. They talk a bit about native 4K games like Gears of War 4 and Killer Instinct, as well as Quantum Break, which is the only game not being moved up to native 4K. If you don’t think much about the details behind a good looking game but would like to learn more, hearing these two go on can really be enlightening.

The big thing to take away here is that the Xbox One X is actually living up to its marketing – namely about its ability to play these games at native 4K. We knew that these games would be running on 4K, but this video tells us a bit more about pure performance while that resolution is held. It seems like there are seriously stable framerates to look forward to as well as some nice eye candy.