New updates for the OneNote Class Notebook add-in allows for more personalized learning

Kit McDonald

Microsoft’s OneNote has been revered for its ability to assist teachers, students, and administrators in the classroom. Mostly in part to the Class Notebook add-in that provides tools for grading, assignments, tests, and interactive projects. Today, the Office 365 team announced that the OneNote Class Notebook for desktop received an update with some fun new features.

Skooler continues to be a tool that teachers rely on. The grade and assignment integrations make it easier to teachers to make custom points or change the way that they grade a student with pass/fail, letters, percentages, etc. Along with the Skooler addition to OneNote Class Notebook, Canvas has also taken up the Learning Management System support.

OneNote Class Notebook

Perhaps one of the more fun parts of OneNote Class Notebook includes stickers.Until now, these were generic icons that were ideal for rewarding younger students with a fresh object on their assignments. Unfortunately, this was a feature limited to only Windows 10 and online. Now OneNote 2013 and OneNote 2016 can take advantage of this personal touch, along with Microsoft teasing that more sticker packs will be coming in the future for all versions.