The new Unreal Tournament for Windows is now available in Pre-Alpha and it looks amazing


The new Unreal Tournament for Windows is now available in Alpha and it looks amazing

For those that did not know, Unreal Tournament was a popular first-person shooter (FPS) video game co-developed by Epic Games and Digital Extremes — back in the early 2000s. This game was based on the same technology that powers the Unreal engine.

Unreal Tournament was designed as an “arena first-person-shooter game,” with head-to-head multiplayer deathmatches being the primary focus. The game featured deathmatches, team deathmatches, capture the flag, and more, giving shooter fans something fun to play with (think Halo).

The last edition of Unreal Tournament was back in 2007 and it was called Unreal Tournament 3. Now, Unreal Tournament 4 has been released on Windows as a Pre-Alpha, unique because the development is crowdsourced and open to contribution from anyone, breathing new life into the old classic.

You can head over to the VIA link below to register and download the Pre-Alpha. Please keep in mind that the game is buggy and will likely not work all the time. It took me several tries before i was able to enter a deathmatch, and for the 10 minutes I was alive, I had lots of fun. Check it out and let us know if you like the game. You can also check out a video below showcasing the new graphics.