New Microsoft Surface ads target IT professionals

Staff Writer

New Surface ads target IT Professionals

Microsoft has released three new videos showcasing the Surface as it relates to the IT professional. At about 2 minutes for each video, ample time is allowed to explain the full breadth of what uses a Surface might have throughout the day.  For instance, for a city IT department employee talks about how he can stay productive on his commute to work. 

“Mobility is productivity to us,” he says.  Then, while he and his colleagues view a PowerPoint presentation, he notes that all of the applications the city needs – about 200 of them – run on the Surface.  And of course, he can use it for relaxation, mapping out his blokart races.

Obviously, these are advertisements, and as such portray Microsoft’s perfect world in which we all use their devices in textbook scenarios.  Things rarely work out to be so tidy, but the Surface does seem particularly well-suited to help IT workers who are on the go.  You can take a look at the videos below: