New Surface 3 commercial shows off digital art, and maybe a hidden Windows logo

Sean Michael

Surface 3 and Surface Pen

Artists are the target audience of the latest advertisement for Microsoft’s Surface 3. The new ad shows off a digital painting being made to some relaxing classical music. The camera then zooms out to show that the painting is being made on a Surface 3 with the Surface Pen. There’s no dialogue, just text at the end that states that the pen is sold separately, that Fresh Paint is free in the Windows Store, and that the screens are simulated.

The Surface 3 has previously been marketed towards students looking for a tablet that can replace their laptop, and presumably still will be as that’s still a major selling point, but adding artists to the target demographic makes sense. The Surface Pen, which is sold separately, is a highly rated stylus that allows artists to create fine details while digital inking. The Surface 3 is a very versatile device and Microsoft’s advertisements are trying to show that it’s the ideal device for students whether they’re studying art or business.

hidden Windows logo

Some commenters have joked that if you closely at the man in the potrait’s eye you can see a Windows logo. While it could easily just be replicating light reflecting in his eye, it’s hard to deny that it looks a bit like the Windows logo with its distinct four boxes.