New series launched by Microsoft to help bring businesses to Windows 10

Sean Cameron

With any new version of Windows comes a great deal of excitement; as years pass between each release, so technology evolves and so too do the features in each new offering. For some, this can make keeping up a little difficult.
This is especially the case for businesses, with many using very niche software in order to meet their software needs. As such, in order to help with the current transition to Windows 10, Microsoft has created a new series of articles, showcasing how to manage and deploy Windows 10 to meet a variety of different needs.
Specifically, each entrant in this series will deal with a different aspect of Windows 10, with regards to enterprise use. Here is the full list:

  • The Best Deployment & Management Options for Windows 10
  • Deploying Windows 10 with ConfigMgr
  • Podcast: Best Practices for Deploying Windows 10
  • Managing Windows 10 with EMS and ConfigMgr
  • Podcast: Best Practices for Managing Windows 10
  • Identity & Access Management in Windows 10
  • Using Cloud Services with Windows 10 + EMS + ConfigMgr
  • Podcast: Maximizing the Cloud-connected Features of Windows 10
  • Navigating the Windows 10 Distribution Rings
  • Podcast: Navigating the Windows 10 Deployment Rings
  • How to Use Enterprise Data Protection Delivered Natively in the OS
  • Podcast: Maintaining Security & Data Protection with Windows 10

As the support for XP continues to dwindle, and Windows 7 begins to show signs of ageing, the pressure for businesses to adopt Windows 10 is only going to build further as time passes by. Microsoft clearly intends to get the hard work done first, convincing IT managers the world over that Windows 10 will fit their needs in the office as well as it does at home.
As moving is a costly affair, whether these customers will opt to adopt Redmond’s newest software offering is something that only time will tell; one thing is for sure however, Microsoft will continue to go all out in singing the praises of Windows 10 for quite some time yet.
What challenges in adopting Windows 10 do you anticipate will be the most significant for businesses? Let us know in the comments below.