New patent shows Microsoft Edge could automatically switch to private mode on certain websites

Arif Bacchus

microsoft, edge windows 10 isos

Private web browsing has become a routine feature these past few years in web browsers from all kind of companies, but Microsoft may be looking to shake things up a bit. Noted by MSPoweruser, in a new patent, Microsoft is looking to help a user automatically switch a web browser to private mode when navigating certain websites.

The full patent can be seen here, though it does not specifically mention Microsoft Edge by name. Importantly, though, the patent is titled “Automation of Browsing Mode Switching.” As the name suggests this might help make it easier for those times when a user would like to hide their web history, or if they’ve forgotten to enter InPrivate mode when doing questionable activities on the web.  Explained in the patent:

Techniques for automation of browsing mode switching are described. According to various implementations, a web browser is operable in multiple different browsing modes, including a normal browsing mode and a private browsing mode. Techniques described herein enable automatic switching between browsing modes based on different mode triggers, and enable user configuration of various mode change behaviors.

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Seen above, there is a diagram which attempts to explain how the system works, including the detection of a website which is associated with a mode change trigger. It is, however, not clear how exactly the web browser will be able to save websites which will be associated with the change trigger, be it a list saved on the computer, or on Microsoft’s cloud services.

There’s no telling if this is a feature coming to Microsoft Edge or not, but it might as well become a reality, especially since the patent is filed by Microsoft. As usual, best to keep tuned for more in the months ahead, as patents usually hold up to become real products and features, as we saw with Paint 3D well ahead of it’s reveal.