New Office 365 App Launcher adds tabbed layout, resize-able, movable tiles

Arif Bacchus

Microsoft has officially taken to the Office 365 blog to announce a new version of the Office 365 App launcher. The new launcher marks the company’s continued commitment to improving and tying together the Office 365 experience and also an expansion of the set of online tools available for Office 365 users.

Office 365 App Launcher

Overall, the new Office 365 App Launcher has a new tabbed layout which will allow you pin and organize tiles in a “Home” section for faster and familiar access to your favorite Office 365 apps.  Recently added apps will also appear in a “NEW” section, along with badge notifications for when a new app is added.  Additionally, there is also an “ALL” apps section, which lists the apps available for download, enabling faster access to your entire catalog of Office 365 applications.

Similar to the Windows 10 Start menu, with the new launcher, you can also resize, pin, and organize tiles for your Office 365 apps. Then, for added customization, the redesigned App Launcher supports Office 365 themes, including your company’s custom theme. According to Microsoft, these features make switching between applications as seamless as possible.


Office 365 Launcher teams

These features will be coming later this month to customers who have opted into First Release. Only customers with Exchange will be able to pin, resize and customize tiles, or see the tabbed layout. Support for accessing recent files from across Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote Online simply by clicking the icon’s ellipsis menu is also in the works and will be coming soon.