New Microsoft video covers details about the Surface Dial

Kareem Anderson

The Microsoft Dial has been understandably viewed as an accessory to the spotlight stealing Surface Studio. However, the Surface design team wants users to know the Dial is much more than hockey puck-sized add-on, the Surface Dial is as masterfully designed and complicated as the rest of the Surface line.

In five minute long video, the folks over at Microsoft Mechanics walk through the various capabilities and design features that make up the Surface Dial that include explaining how the Bluetooth works and its 3,600 points of precision.

For many, the Surface Dial has come to replace the decade’s old utility of the mouse and for good reason. The Surface Dial seems to mesh the world of tactile feedback with the precision and accuracy of a mouse, in a neat little package.  It’ll be interesting to see how Microsoft plans to improve on the Dial in iteration 2.