New Microsoft specialty store opening in Brea, California on July 9th

Michael Cottuli

If you’re in the SoCal area and are looking for something to do in mid-July, Microsoft has you covered with a pretty exciting event: the opening of the Brea Mall’s Specialty Store. Specialty Stores, unlike the more traditional Microsoft Stores you may be familiar with, are more curated experiences than their bigger counterparts. The Specialty Stores set up a small area where customers can ask questions, learn more about Microsoft products, and of course buy a few things while they’re at it.

The opening was announced via this tweet on the 16th, which invites everyone in the area to come on down and enjoy what the Specialty Store has to offer. Even if you already have all the gadgets you want out of Microsoft, it should still be nice to get together with a few Microsoft fans and talk about what’s up on the horizon for the company’s exciting future. While we don’t know if the store will be throwing an actual event for its opening, the Specialty Store is sure to draw a crowd for its opening night.