New Microsoft produced Windows 10 nature wallpapers now live

Arif Bacchus

Microsoft has released some cool wallpaper packs in the past, and over the weekend, the company pushed out yet another unique collection. You can now download two new nature-themed wallpapers, and let your desktop bask in the full glory and beauty of mother earth (via MSPoweruser.)

The first wallpaper pack, Amazon Rainforest, can be found here in the Microsoft Store. This pack features 18 images, from the verdant foliage of Tortuguero, and other cool sights from around the Amazon. Similarly, the second pack, Animals of the Yellowstone, features 14 images of animals native to Yellowstone National park— be it bears, Elk, Sheep, and more.

Our personal favorite pack happens to the Amazon Rainforest pack since it comes with plenty of colorful and vibrant wallpapers. Feel free to download now and check it out for yourself. Once you’ve downloaded, feel free to drop us a comment below to let us know which of these wallpapers is your favorite.