New Microsoft Garage app, Forum, spotted on iTunes

Dave W. Shanahan

Recently, a new Microsoft Garage app, Forum, was spotted in iTunes. The Forum app description reads:

“Gather round. Say what’s on your mind. Find out what everyone else is really thinking. The best part about Forum is that anyone gets a say. And ideas speak for themselves. Forum lets ideas thrive, facilitates open dialogue within organizations, and enables employees to freely express themselves. Leaders get a way to engage with employees in a comfortable, non-hierarchical setting through capabilities like facilitating Q&As and open forums on specific topics.”

Forum looks to be an app for small companies that have an open-door policy for comments and suggestions. I don’t think it would be a good fit for every business; sometimes freely expressing your ideas can lead to you losing your job. Forum’s features include:

  • Vote on your favorite posts
  • Q&A with leaders you learn from
  • Ask questions with an open mind

Download Forum, a Microsoft Garage project app, on iTunes.
Thank you Lijins for the tip!