New Microsoft ads fire shots at Google, show why Windows 10 is better for business, education

Jack Wilkinson

Windows 10 Build 2017

Microsoft is firing shots against Google’s Chromebook ecosystem in a series of new ads created by the company. The ads, designed to show how Windows 10, particularly Windows 10 Pro, are better than Chromebooks, directly call out features and differences between Windows 10 and Chromebooks, while showing off how Windows 10 is better for business and education.

In the first video, aimed at businesses, Microsoft blasts out the key points on Windows 10’s security mechanisms, including Windows Hello. It even compares Microsoft Edge to Google Chrome, with an animation showing bugs crawling away from Edge, but hoarding Chrome.

For the second video, Microsoft focused on education and the classroom. It details how Windows Ink is great for writing notes, as well as showing off Microsoft’s suite of Office apps, particularly Sway.

Ouch. Microsoft truly is going after Google.