New Halo Infinite dynamic background is now available on Xbox Series X|S consoles

Laurent Giret

After the Xbox team officially shared the December 8 release date for Halo Infinite at gamescom, the Xbox team has a little surprise for Halo fans this week. If you have an Xbox Series X or Series S console, you can now set a new Halo Infinite dynamic background on your Home dashboard, which looks pretty cool.

The new dynamic background uses Halo Infinite’s cover art, and you’ll notice some lighting changes on Master Chief’s armor as well as the animated Pelican dropship in the background. It’s pretty light on the animations, but this is still good fan service ahead of the game’s release in December.

Microsoft also announced a Limited Edition Halo Infinite Xbox Series X and Xbox Elite Series 2 controller at gamescom earlier this week, although we did earlier with the first technical preview, though both of them are already out of stock on the US Microsoft Store. There’s clearly a lot of enthusiasm for Halo Infinite right now, and now that the game finally has a release date we’re hoping to see more of it soon.

We didn’t get a new look at Halo Infinite’s campaign at gamescom, but it’s now up for pre-order at $59.99 on the Microsoft Store. Of course, Xbox Game Pass members will be able to play it for free on day one, and the game’s multiplayer mode will also be entirely free-to-play on Xbox and PC.

Halo Infinite (Campaign)
Halo Infinite (Campaign)