Here’s the new features added to Microsoft Excel in March

Kevin Okemwa

Microsoft Excel

We are edging closer to the end of this month and as usual, Microsoft has released a comprehensive list of new features that made it to Microsoft Excel in March. We’ve already recapped February’s features in a separate post, here’s everything new in Excel this month:

Excel for the web

Unwanted formatted cells are a menace in workbooks since they negatively impact the user’s productivity. However, Excel now ships with a new capability that automatically detects these unwanted formatted cells. It then suggests launching Check Performance.

thumbnail image 1 captioned Check Performance

Next up, users no longer need to seek assistance from external sources whenever they need help writing formulas. With Formula Argument Assistance, you can confidently write formulas without having to worry about them being eroneous.

thumbnail image 2 captioned Formula Argument Assistance


Additionally, Microsoft has incorporated Drag & Drop in Queries Pane into Microsoft Excel. The addition will make it easier for users to organize queries by either moving them between folders or sorting them out.

thumbnail image 3 captioned Drag & Drop in Queries Pane

Excel for Windows

Microsoft is making Excel on Windows safe by adding an extra layer of protection to your sheets. Block untrusted XLL Add-Ins are designed to protect you from attacks coming through XLL add-ins. Most attackers leverage the add-in to spread malware to unsuspecting users.

thumbnail image 4 captioned Block untrusted XLL Add-Ins

And finally, both Excel for Windows and Excel for Mac users can now delegate duties within Microsoft Excel and Word easily with the new Assign a Task with @mentions feature. What’s more, users will get an email notification immediately after a task is assigned to them.

thumbnail image 5 captioned Assign a Task

That’s everything for this month folks, we also invite you to check out our weekly recap post where we highlight some of the new features announced as coming to Microsoft 365.

Be sure to check out Microsoft’s blog post for more details on everything added to Microsoft Excel this month, and let us know which feature fascinates you most in the comments.