Need for Speed is back with a LOT of extra content on Xbox One

Brad Stephenson

Need for Speed Deluxe Bundle on Xbox One

Racing game, Need for Speed, has been re-released on the Xbox One in a new Deluxe Bundle that comes with the base game and a variety of extra content such as a new starter car, a VIP icon, several car packs, and a 10% discount on all game items sold in-game. Here’s the official bundle description:

Get the complete Need for Speed experience with the Need for Speed Deluxe Bundle. The bundle includes:Need for Speed (2016) base game- Performance and Styling Packs- 10% discount on all game items using in-game currency- An additional starter car – the BMW M3 E46- Plus – a VIP icon, sticker and exclusive wrapsNeed for Speed Rivals base game- Simply Jaguar Complete Pack- Ferrari Edizioni Speciali Complete Pack- Concept Lamborghini Complete Pack- The Koenigsegg Agera One- Complete Movie Pack- Loaded Garage Pack.

Buy Need for Speed Deluxe Bundle on Xbox One

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