NBC's 'Today' app becomes a thing of the past as it gets pulled from the Windows Store

Sean Michael

App not available in Windows Store

Yet another app has left the Windows Store. This time it was NBC’s ‘Today.’ The latest app to be removed hadn’t been updated in over a year and joins a list of recently departed apps. NBC removing an app from the Windows platform is a long way off from when they used to have a major partnership with Microsoft through MSNBC.

Any loss of an app is bad news but it’s hard to say this one stings that much. NBC news still works fine on Internet Explorer and if people want a dedicated news app there are plenty of other options out there. The bigger losses for the app store are when apps offering exclusive features or content are removed.

NBC’s removal of the app is in contrast with CBS who has a list of apps that continues to grow including CBS Local, CBS Sports, CBS News, and the recently added Radio.com. The Radio.com app allows listeners from around the world to tune into the family of CBS radio stations and was added on March 25th. CBS adding an app only about a week ago shows that major news corporations in the United States have not all left Windows.