MyTube app gets massive revamp and launches on Xbox One

Brad Stephenson

Xbox One Console and TV

A huge update to the third-party MyTube app is rolling out right now in all regions. This update, Version 3.0, features a complete redesign of the app and adds support for it on Microsoft’s Xbox One video game console. Here’s the complete version notes:

New, more modern and simpler UI

Launching on Xbox for the first time

Switch to and from background audio with zero pause

myTube to myTube casting: Cast from myTube on your phone to myTube on your PC or Xbox

Videos watched in myTube will now appear in your YouTube history

You can now select subtitle language

Channel search integrated into channel page

Option to use YouTube’s official web player in order to support YouTubers financially

Main tile will now show subscriptions

Probably one of the best changes with this update, besides the Xbox One functionality, is the addition of the YouTube web player which allows users to view ads on videos. While this may seem like an odd feature to want for the average user, it’s an important feature as it means this unofficial YouTube app won’t completely strip revenue from YouTube accounts.

Are you a fan of MyTube? Let us know if you like the new version of the app in the comments below.

Developer: Ryken Studio
Price: Free