More Windows 10 partners are adding Windows Hello into new PCs

Arif Bacchus

Windows Hello is a password free solution to securely logging into your Windows 10 device using either a PIN, an integrated biometric sensor, or an external accessory. Microsoft has previously highlighted the growing list of Windows Hello enabled companion devices, and today the Redmond giant is highlighting how more Windows 10 partners are adding Windows Hello support into new PCs.

Covered in the Microsoft post are 10 Windows 10 PCs that unlock Windows Hello with built-in facial recognition cameras or fingerprint readers. The PCs range in price, form factor, and functionality, so we’ve included the list for you below!

Devices that support Windows Hello facial recognition:

Devices that have a built-in fingerprint reader for Windows Hello:

Do you use Windows Hello on your Windows 10 device? Or do you prefer to use a password since the feature is still in beta? Feel free to check out our Dave Shanahan’s post on how to set up and get started with Windows Hello and be sure to drop us a comment below with your other thoughts!