More of Microsoft’s new app icons begin to roll out to public Windows 10 users

Brad Stephenson

Several Microsoft apps began to update on Windows 10 devices last week with their new app icons such as Calendar and Mail and now it looks like even more have started to get their icon refresh.

Earlier today, Films & TV (Movies & TV), Microsoft Alarms & Clock, and Groove Music (see above image) all got an update that replaces their old icon with their new one. The app icon update appears to a bit staggered with others claiming that their Calculator, Photos, and Voice Recorder apps have also been refreshed.

Microsoft revealed their intention to update their numerous app icons back in December of 2018 but the rollout has been strangely delayed and randomly implemented across Windows 10, iOS, and Android devices. The company then expanded on this idea in December last year with an even more ambitious icon plan.

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