More improvements coming to Windows 11 Taskbar, addressing app overflow

Kareem Anderson

The Windows 11 Taskbar could be set to gain overflow UI update soon. According to screenshots shared via the Albacore twitter handle, there appears to be a tweak that is in testing for the Windows 11 Taskbar, enabling users to see and access apps that get tossed into the overflow bin in the Taskbar.

Currently, there is no indicator that helps alert the user that there are other open apps on the desktop when the Taskbar has run out of room to house the remaining icons. However, a new UI tweak, that looks to be in the works, would add a last ellipses icon that users can select to see the remaining list of open apps as well as access them with a selection from right on the desktop.

The news of an updated Taskbar follows some other headline tweets that also came from Albacore, who has had a pretty good track record for revealing Insider Microsoft news.

In addition to the Taskbar update, Windows 11 is poised to update Tablet Mode in Windows 11, better energy consumption, tweaks to Focus Assist and Notification UI updates.

Similar to Windows 10 and its Start Menu evolution, the Windows 11 Taskbar is getting piecemeal additions to help fill out functionality for users, and perhaps by year three, we’ll finally have the ideal Taskbar settings that balance new features listings with functionality.