MixRadio disappears from the Windows Store but promises to be back 'later in the year'

Kareem Anderson

Mix Radio disappears from Windows 8.1 but promises to be back

Another day, another story of an app missing from the Windows Store. Recently Windows and Windows Phone users lost such apps as Bank Of America, Chase, Vevo, and MLB at Bat. Today, there are reports that former Nokia developed MixRadio service has gone missing from the Windows Store.

Let’s have a moment of silence for another fallen Windows app shall we. Before the pitchforks are brought out, and the torches raised, let’s refer to voices from Nokia because there appears to be a legitimate reason for the apps removal — the app uses Nokia account and payment services which are being closed next month.

While some MixRadio users breath a sigh of relief, being a Windows Phone user still feels like living on a razor’s edge. As users, some days we rejoice when a new game or big app title dances into the store. On other days (more often than not) users have to defend their Windows device of choice as another app is found missing from the store.

Unlike the recent platform indifference some app developers seem have for Windows Phone, MixRadio and Microsoft still appear to have an eager working relationship.