‘Missing Platform APIs’ site allows developers to suggest features for Windows


"Missing Platform APIs" site allows developers to suggest features for Windows

Microsoft has launched a new feedback site aimed at developers. “Missing Platform APIs” can be used by developers to make suggestions about desktop Windows APIs that are not yet available in the Store. This is an important new channel of communications which will undoubtedly be widely welcomed.

Developers who are unable to implement features they would like to use in their apps due to a missing API can use the site to report the problems they are experiencing. It’s not clear quite what process will be used to determine how this feedback is dealt with, but the blog post that announces the new site implies that popularity will play a key role.

“If there are specific APIs from other operating systems that you would like to see a Windows equivalent of, you can also suggest (or vote on) those.” The Missing Platform APIs site encompasses all varieties of Windows, and Microsoft is keen for developers to get involved.

“Remember that, as always, providing an explanation of why you want the API is critically important as we assess what changes to make to the Store Profile over time. There are many cases where the full power of an API is fundamentally incompatible with the Store model, but a restricted use-case (or one that introduces a new capability) might be compelling.”