Minecraft video game is getting a combat revamp on PC, Xbox One, and other platforms

Brad Stephenson

Final Fantasy XV skins in Minecraft on Xbox One and Windows 10

The popular Minecraft video game will be getting a significant revamp to its combat mechanics according to a Reddit post (via WC) made today on Reddit by the game’s chief creative officer, Jens Bergensten.

In the post, Bergensten explains that they’ve been wanting to improve upon the combat system for a while now and that they’ll first begin testing it in the Java version of Minecraft and then roll out the changes to the other versions when ready.

Here are the issues she outlined in the current combat system on PC/Java and console/Windows 10/mobile:

Main issues in Java Edition,

  • Too slow for PvP – not exciting enough
  • Damage per second is too low to beat regenerating items
  • Too hard to understand for new players

Main issues in Bedrock,

  • Tedious on controller (Legacy editions fixed this)
  • Weapons are very similar
  • Armor is not balanced

And here are the improvements made with the new combat system:

  • Overall much faster attacks
  • Attacks only happen when fully charged, even if you spam click
  • You can hold to attack
  • Weapons have different reach (attack range)
  • When you stop attacking, the attack timer will continue charging to 200%
  • At 200% you can perform special attacks (crits, sweeping, knockback) and these attacks have longer reach
  • Sweeping only occurs on swords with the Sweeping enchantment
  • Critical attacks (jump attacks) bypass shields
  • Shields have no warm-up delay
  • Shields also activate when crouching/sneaking
  • If you hit something, the target’s “invulnerability timer” will be shorter if you have a quick weapon

Minecraft Java players can test the new system by downloading and installing the zip file included in the Reddit post while players on other platforms will simply need to wait for now.

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