Minecraft Final Fantasy XV Skin Pack now available on Xbox One & Windows 10

Brad Stephenson

Final Fantasy XV skins in Minecraft on Xbox One and Windows 10

The Final Fantasy XV Skin Pack is now available to download for Minecraft gamers on Windows 10 and Xbox One. This downloadable content contains 43 character skins inspired by the Final Fantasy XV video game with a mix of heroes, villains, and monsters to decorate Minecraft creations with. Here’s the official store description for the pack.

Join Noctis, Gladio, Ignis and Prompto once again as they venture beyond the world of Eos and into the untold realms of Minecraft with this fantastic skin pack. Be it friend or foe, the cast of FINAL FANTASY XV follows, including Cindy, Aranea, Ardyn, the Astrals and many more.

Minecraft frequently releases skin packs inspired by popular movie and game franchises such as Star Wars, Halo, and Power Rangers. Players are also free to create their own skins if they choose.

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