Minecraft Exhibition launches world tour at the Liberty Science Center in New Jersey

Robert Collins

It looks like Minecraft has finally hit the big time by taking its act on the road. The bestselling videogame of all time kicked off what will be a years-long world tour on February 18th at the Liberty Science Center in Jersey City with Minecraft: The Exhibition.

Liberty Science Center
The Liberty Science Center in Jersey City, NJ. Image courtesy of Wikipedia.

What exactly is Minecraft Exhibition, you may be asking? It is a massive 6,000 sq.ft. multimedia experience featuring an entire gallery of interactive content including life-size models of characters from the game such as the Creeper and the Enderman, as well as game stations that allow those who haven’t yet tried the game to do so. The exhibit also displays time-lapse videos of some of the most amazing builds from expert Minecraft players, in addition to dioramas of Minecraft’s biomes and a crafting table where users can use cards representing in-game building materials to create objects.

In short, the exhibit is the game brought to physical life, and is a great example of experiential learning. It was created through a partnership between Mojang Studios and the Museum of Popular Culture. Minecraft Exhibition will be at LSC through September 5th before moving on to other cities. It is not to be confused with a similar exhibit which was presented by the MoPOP in Seattle a few years back.

Featured image courtesy of nj.com.