Minecraft adds mini game, skin packs to console, with Power Rangers patch 1.0.5 on Windows 10

Kit McDonald

Today is a busy day for Minecraft. As we reported yesterday, 4J Studios and Mojang have updated Minecraft on console with its newest mini-game. Glide lets players fly through updrafts and speeds boosts through large maps. But players wouldn’t look quite as cool using Elytra without changing up their appearance.

Today, Minecraft has released two new skin packs. The first is the Mini Game Masters Skin Pack, letting you choose which team you want to represent with themes such as Team Creeper, Team Guardian, Team Wolf, Team Zombie with Chicken Hat, and more. The silly costumes can be accessed through the in-game store.

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Furthermore, Windows 10 and Pocket Edition received an update to version 1.0.5 today. Besides adding a new pack to the in-game store to play with some Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers skins, the game added Xbox Live/Realms support to Apple TV, some more commands, game rules, and bug fixes.

New Features:

  • Power Rangers skin pack
  • Xbox Live and Realms support on Apple TV
  • More commands: /title, /stopsound, /playsound, /clear, /difficulty, /effect, /me, /replaceitem, /spreadplayers, /testfor and /gamerule!
  • Game rules: commandblockoutput, sendcommandfeedback, drowningdamage, falldamage, firedamage and pvp!
    Command blocks
  • Minecart with command block


  • Magnifying glass no longer appears over entered text in the Storage manager
  • Jump range of magma cubes fixed to correct value (No bug ID)
  • Lapis lazuli icon now in enchanting tables
  • Accuracy of fireball shots from ghasts is now correct

Bug fixes:

  • Accuracy of ghast fireball shots is now correct
  • You will no longer get trapped & suffocate when reloading a world
  • The beacon’s position is now correct when held in your hand
  • Endermen once again have idle sounds
  • Villagers no longer pick up your stuff when you die

But if fighting crime is your passion, the Might Morphin’ Power Rangers skins can also be purchased for console versions as well. You can unlock all twenty of them for the $2.99 via the in-game store.