Microsoft’s Xbox One gamers get shiny new Achievement notification and sound effect

Brad Stephenson

New Xbox Achievement

Xbox One owners are going to get a new sort of notification for their Xbox Achievements in the near future. Starting today for gamers enrolled in the Xbox Preview Program which is used to test new features before they’re rolled out to the general public, certain hard-to-get Xbox Achievements which had begun being categorized as “rare” (depending on how many other people have unlocked it) a few weeks ago, will now trigger a brand new notification when unlocked.

This new notification uses a completely new sound effect, displays the number of players who have unlocked it, and uses a rather spiffy diamond animated icon. This new icon is rather unusual as all of the other notifications on the Xbox One console implement flat white graphics. This is the first one to stray from tradition with a computer generated look. Here’s a video of the new notification in action.

Do you like the new notification? Is it a good idea to categorize different Xbox Achievements? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.