Microsoft’s Xbox One just got a new Kinect video game

Brad Stephenson

Xbox One Kinect

Air Guitar Warrior is now available to play on the Xbox One. This new game by the creators of Boom Ball and Kung Fu For Kinect mixes the sidescrolling platforming and music genres into something that is pretty unique. Air Guitar Warrior scans players into the game with the console’s Kinect camera which allows gamers to essentially play as themselves. Players can then progress through the levels by triggering a variety of special moves through striking specific poses in front of the Kinect. Here’s the official game description:

Air Guitar Warrior is part scrolling shooter, part music game and full of rock attitude – and you control the music! Includes 19 custom-made tracks from Mr. Fastfinger and Samppa Siurala. Shoot bullets, lasers and lightning from your air guitar! Ride dinosaurs, sharks and jet-powered crocodiles! Smash Vikings, aliens, demons and flying skulls! Find the legendary sword-guitar and challenge Heavy Metal Zeus for the top spot in the temple of the rock gods!

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