Microsoft’s Xbox One All-Digital Edition available now, includes three games for $249

Jonny Caldwell

Microsoft has released the Xbox One S All-Digital edition today, so anyone that has had their mind set on it can go ahead and order it right now. It’s available for $249 on the Microsoft Store and online, as well Best Buy, Amazon, and Walmart, and other retailers worldwide.

Microsoft is pitching this as a cheaper alternative to the Xbox One S that comes with the disk drive, with a starting price of $249 and three games included—Minecraft, Forza Horizon 3, and Sea of Thieves. Although Microsoft promises to keep its $50 price difference on its systems online and at its physical stores, it’s worth mentioning that the console with the disk reader can still be purchased for slightly over $200 from third-party sellers on Amazon.

Still, the Xbox One S All-Digital console could serve as an inexpensive way to get into gaming for those who aren’t already invested in physical games and movies. If you’re new, we recommend getting a Game Pass membership which will give you access to over a hundred games right off the bat for just $9.99 per month. New subscribers get three months for just $1, which is an ample amount of time to decide whether to keep it.