Microsoft’s Xbox Gear Shop adds Valentine’s Day gaming merch

Brad Stephenson

Xbox Gear Shop Valentine's Day merch

In the spirit of Valentine’s Day (Which is just around the corner. Don’t forget!) Microsoft has added a massive number of new romance-themed items to their online Xbox Gear Shop storefront.

Among the fresh merch available from this week are new mugs, T-shirts, hoodies, stickers, and cushions boasting a stylised heart design with an Xbox logo, a collection of colorful heart candies with romance and gaming phrases, a red Xbox Series X design with the phrase “We Belong Together,” an Xbox controller with a red rose and the phrase “mi amor,” and a pink design with Halo’s Master Chief and the words “Be Kind.”

Xbox Gear Shop Valentine's Day products
Xbox Gear Shop Valentine’s Day products

In addition to the above Valentine’s Day items, the Xbox Gear Shop has also recently added a number of Halo novels. This is likely do to an expected increase in Halo popularity with the looming debut of the new live-action Halo TV series.

The Xbox Gear Shop is an official store run by Microsoft that’s designed to distribute high quality products based on the Xbox consoles and the various Xbox gaming properties. The store ships to most major regions around the globe and updates on a very regular basis with new products.

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