Microsoft’s TechSpark civic program expands to Texas, Virginia, Washington and Wyoming

Arif Bacchus

Last year, Microsoft introduced TechSpark, a public program which helps foster economic opportunities in communities across the United States. The program has proven a success in the initially announced regions, and today the company has confirmed the expansion of the program to four previously unnamed regions in the US.

Specifically, the new TechSpark communities are: El Paso, Southern Virginia, North Central Basin of Washington, and Cheyenne. Microsoft will now work with local partners in these regions to help drive job creation, digital skills development and digital transformation. The company also announced community managers for each region, all of whom are longtime residents and an integrated part of their communities.

Microsoft is planning to create a signature project in each region, which they hope will help drive transformation in the community. TechSpark initiatives have been under development for over a year, and more on the progress of the program will be shared in the coming months.