Microsoft’s ‘Surface Watch’ prototypes feature removable and colorful wrist bands


Surface Watch

New details have emerged today regarding Microsoft’s rumored Surface Watch. Apparently, the prototypes of this watch are housed in Oxynitride Aluminum, which is an expensive “translucent aluminum.” On top of that, the prototypes feature removable and colorful wrist bands.

Details about this touch watch first broke back in April of this year when we learned that Microsoft had reportedly asked its Asian suppliers to ship components of a potential touch-enabled watch. Microsoft had requested these components to potentially create a touch-enabled watch device, featuring a 1.5 inch display.

The report also indicates that the Surface Watch will feature a custom tailored version of Windows 8 with 4G LTE capabilities and 6GB of internal storage for the operating system. Best of all, the watch doesn’t need to be connected to your smartphone. Microsoft will be relying on cloud storage for this Surface Watch.

Microsoft is also focusing on the idea of having removable wrist bands, which include a variety of colors such as blue, red, black, white, yellow, and grey. While this device is rumored to be in prototype state right now, we expect to be hearing more about it by next year.

Would you be interested in a Surface Watch?