Microsoft’s Surface RT and Surface Pro launched in Thailand



Microsoft’s Surface RT and Surface Pro have slowly made their appearances in markets across the globe and now Thailand can finally get their hands on Microsoft’s tablet device. Both the Surface RT and Surface Pro are available for purchase for those who live in Thailand.

“Surface RT retails at 16,500 baht for a 32-GB model and 22,500 baht for a 64-GB capacity unit. Surface Pro is priced at 28,000 baht for a 64-GB model and 31,500 baht for a 128-GB model,” the report states. For those in the United States curious of what the dollar equivalent was in pricing, that would mean the Surface RT runs for $539 and $735 respectively. The Surface Pro would be $914 and $1028 respectively.

According to the Bangkok Times, the Bangkok Bank and Chiang Mai University already make use of Microsoft’s Surface tablet. Microsoft is expected to sell quite a bit of tablets in Thailand, since the country has the biggest tablet market in Southeast Asia, followed by Indonesia (at least according to IDC). Microsoft is using SIS Distribution as an authorized distributor for the Surface tablets.