Microsoft’s Surface Pro faces criticism after warranty falls short of China’s legal expectations



With the launch of the Surface Pro in China nearly one week ago, the device has already begun a wave of criticism by the nation. Turns out, the Surface Pro is required to follow the nation’s law requiring all notebook computers to meet certain warranty requirements. Unfortunately, the device does not meet those requirements.

In China, notebook computers are required to have a one year repair warranty for the entire device and a two year warranty for the main parts. Microsoft, on the other hand, is only offering a one year warranty for both repairs and main parts. This has caused an uproar in the region.

The same issue came up when the Chinese media claimed Chinese customers, when it came to the Apple iPhone, were not getting the same type of service as those in the United States. Now it seems that a similar issue has come up with Microsoft’s Surface device.

This is obviously bad press for Microsoft in the region, which isnt good since Microsoft just launched the Surface Pro as well as forged a partnership with to sell its products. Microsoft has yet to offer an official statement on the matter.