Microsoft’s Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book sales stay steady in FY17 Q2 report

Brad Stephenson

Surface Pro 4 MacBook Pro

Microsoft’s Surface efforts saw just a 2% decline in profits in the second quarter of the 2017 financial year (earning $1.321 billion) when compared to the same time period in 2015 ($1.352 billion).

According to the official report released by Microsoft, the release of the Surface Pro 4 and the Surface Book, both of which apparently replaced the Surface 3, are to thank for the continued success. There is no mention of the Surface Studio which is to be expected considering it only released in the last two weeks of the second quarter. It’s likely the premium device will have more of an impact in the current 2017 financial year third quarter and beyond.

Microsoft’s Phone division didn’t do nearly as well and saw an 81% drop in revenue while the Xbox department saw some minor losses but overall experienced growth in digital sales and user engagement that should lead to greater success later in 2017. The company’s biggest success was its Cloud initiatives which experienced strong growth and profit.

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