Microsoft's official Surface 3 support forum now live, get all the help you need


Microsoft's official Surface 3 support page now live, get all the help you need

Beginning today, May 5th, customers in the United States interested in the Surface 3 can now purchase it from a wide range of retail locations in the United States including Amazon, Best Buy, and the Microsoft Store. For those who have purchased a Surface 3, Microsoft’s official support forum for the device is now live.

You can head over here to check out the official Surface 3 support forum, which is similar to support forums for previous products like the Surface Pro 3 or Surface 2, allowing customers to ask questions, read about tips, or just vent about the device. Microsoft typically puts announcements related to the device on these support forums, so it would be wise to bookmark it for future reference. Or you could just use for your Surface 3 news and questions!

As a quick recap, the Surface 3 features a 10.8-inch display sporting a resolution of 1920 by 1280 pixels, Intel Atom X7 processor paired with 2GB/4GB of RAM and 64/128GB of internal storage. The tablet also features an 8MP rear camera, 3.5MP front-facing camera, USB 3.0 port, microSD card reader, mini displayport, and ships with Windows 8.1 as its operating system out of the box.