Microsoft’s new Editor is coming to Office documents, email in Outlook and, and the web

Staff Writer

Today, Microsoft announced the new Microsoft Editor, an intelligent AI-powered writing assistant that is designed for all of us to become better writers. Whether you are a student, professional writer, or just writing some casual chats to your friends, Microsoft says the new service will help you write better papers, craft more thoughtful emails or help with your professional posts on sites like LinkedIn.

At launch, the Microsoft Editor will be available in 20 languages and anyone who uses a Microsoft sign-in can use the editor to fix basic grammar and spelling corrections when using services like or Word with the new Editor replacing Microsoft’s Ideas in Words service.  The new Editor will be available in Outlook, Word and as a standalone browser extension for Microsoft’s Edge and Google Chrome.

For those looking for more advanced features, a more advanced version of the Editor will be available for subscribers of the new Microsoft 365 Personal and Family plans.  Microsoft’s advanced editor will give users advanced grammar and style refinements including vocab suggestions, language clarity and more.  For anyone who has used Grammarly’s popular service this approach is already familiar and appears that Microsoft is now directly competing with other AI-powered writing assistants.

The new Microsoft Editor will begin rolling out on March 30, 2020, with general availability by the end of April.  If you are ready to try the new Editor,  simply open the Editor pane in Word, right-click the colored squiggles in Outlook, or download the Microsoft Editor browser extension from the Microsoft Edge store.