Microsoft's new ads show what's been with improved in the Surface Pro 4

Staff Writer

Microsoft has recently unleashed new ads highlighting improvements the Surface Pro 4 makes over last year’s model. These ads have less emphases on “the tablet that can replace your laptop” (presumably because the Surface Book is a laptop that can replace your tablet) and more on what you can do with the Surface Pro 4.

The ad shown above, mentions a few key improvements over the Surface Pro 3. First, the screen has been boosted to a 12.3-inch display with a higher pixel density of 267 PPI. In addition to that, the Surface pen (which is compatible with the Surface Pro 3 as well) now has 1024 levels of pressure sensitivity over 250 from the previous generation, and now attaches magnetically to the left side of the device. Finally, the ad touches on improvements to the speakers, making them 40% louder.
In addition to the main ad, there are also three separate 15-second ads  that cover specific features individually as well. Overall, the changes to the Surface Pro 4 can really improve a user’s experience and productivity with such a diverse device, and this is what Microsoft is striving to get across to consumers. The Surface Pro 4 is available starting at $899.99 through the Microsoft store.
What do you think about the new ads for the Surface Pro 4? Do they do the device justice? Let us know in the comments below.