Microsoft’s last quarter earning shows record revenue


Microsoft, in a press release, announced its earning for the last quarter that ended in September, and the software giant show record first-quarter revenue and overall growth across all the divisions except the Online Services Business. Microsoft reported $17.37 billions first quarter revenue which represent a 7% increase in one year.

“We saw customer demand across the breadth of our products, resulting in record first-quarter revenue and another quarter of solid EPS growth,” said Peter Klein, chief financial officer at Microsoft, in a press release,. “Our product portfolio is performing well, and we’ve got an impressive pipeline of products and services that positions us well for future growth.”

This represents in terms of operating income, net income and diluted earning per share for this quarter an increase of 1%, %6, and %10 respectively and comparatively to the first quarter of last year.

Microsoft also highlighted earning some of the division, first, the Microsoft Business Division which reported $5.62 billion in first quarter revenue. An impressive %8 increase year over year with reported excellent sale of its office productivity suite, Office 2010.

The Sever & Tool segment also gained gained %10 year over year increase with a total revenue of $4.25 billion.

With Windows 7 showing strong momentum with 450 million copies already sold, the Windows and Windows Live Division show modest increase of %2 year over year and a total revenue of $4.87 billion.

The Entertainment & Devices division — which includes the Xbox 360 and Kinect — show %9 increase and a total of $1.97 billion of total revenue. Microsoft noted that the “Xbox was the top-selling gaming console in the US for ninth consecutive month.”

Although the Online Services Business shows really modest revenue increase, this division lost $424 million, down to 11 percent from $558 million loss the previous year.

In sum, Microsoft has a great first quarter, which by the way surpasses analyst expectations. Microsoft noted that “strong quarter for Office, SharePoint, Exchange, and Lync, and saw growing demand for our public and private cloud services including Office 365, Dynamics CRM Online, and Windows Azure,” said Kevin Turner, chief operating officer at Microsoft. “With a great set of consumer products like Windows 7 PCs, Windows Phone 7.5, Xbox and Kinect, we are excited about the holiday buying season.”