Microsoft’s Indie Game Spotlight features Knock Knock, The Maze Runner, and more

Staff Writer

Microsoft's Indie Game Spotlight features 'Knock Knock', 'The Maze Runner,' and more

Microsoft has been doing a good job supporting independent developers that don’t have millions to finance an ad campaign. Part of the way Microsoft helps is with the Windows Store and the Windows Phone Store’s Indie Game Spotlight collection.

These collections include Knock Knock, a horror-themed game for Windows Phone (and on Steam for the PC) where you have to survive in a remote cabin. A similarly themed Windows Phone is The Maze Runner, where you have to escape monsters who are chasing you through a maze in a stranger’s hunting game. If you are not feeling the horror theme, check out Super Party Sports: Football, where you can play Association Football (Soccer).

All of the above were for Windows Phone, but if you want to play on a tablet, check out Felinia’s World Free for Window in which you have to save prisoners of the ‘Queen of the Pizzas.’

This is just a small preview, you can check out the entire collection here for Windows Phone Store, and can find the ‘Indie Game Spotlight’ in the collections menu in the Windows Store.