Microsoft’s GroupMe app updates on iOS, Android, and Windows with improvements

Brad Stephenson

Microsoft GroupMe app icon.

Microsoft’s GroupMe app updated this week for Windows, Android, and iOS with a variety of UI improvements and feature fixes.

Here’s the full release note for Windows:

  • New poll options! You can now create multi-choice polls and public polls.
  • Fixed crash when downloading files.
  • Dark mode fixes when adding people to groups and starting direct messages.

Here’s the Android release notes for this week’s GroupMe app update:

  • Improved: Layout improvements for the Discover tab and group discoverability settings.
  • Improved: The system back button takes you to the chat list first, then out of the app.
  • Improved: System messages are now excluded from search results.
  • Fixed: State issues when loading the Discover tab.
  • Fixed: The chat tab badge and options menu flickering upon login.
  • Fixed: Issue opening the group details drawer.
  • Fixed: Issue viewing a group’s QR code.
  • Fixed: Incorrect colors in dark mode.

And here’s the release notes for the GroupMe app update on Apple’s iOS devices:

  • Improved: UI enhancements to Discover
  • Misc bug fixes

GroupMe is a free messaging app that’s designed to work with anyone across Windows, Android, Apple devices, and the web as long as they have a phone number or email address. It’s a service that definitely hasn’t reached highs of the likes of Telegram (which recently passed 700 million users), even though it’s been around since 2010, but it still has a fairly loyal userbase that use it on a daily basis to communicate with family, friends, and colleagues.

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