Microsoft’s global skills initiative has helped 10 million people and counting learn new digital skills

Rabia Noureen

Microsoft Global Skills Initiative

Back in June, Microsoft launched an initiative to help 25 million people worldwide develop more digital skills by the end of 2020. In just three months since its launch, Microsoft, LinkedIn, and GitHub have trained more than 10 million learners globally through its global skills initiative. 

“People from 231 countries and territories, and all 50 states have tapped into our program at since we launched in June. We’re seeing huge numbers of people from the U.S., India, UK, France and Canada learning every day, with some of the most popular courses being for roles in software development, customer service and data analysts,” the company explained.  

In its blog post, the company detailed a couple of important steps the company has taken to help people looking for new job opportunities. In a two-step process, Microsoft first worked to identify 10 jobs that are in-demand in recent months and then aligned LinkedIn Learning Paths with these jobs. 

As it turns out, Microsoft says that learners have shown a keen interest in learning paths such as data analyst, customer service specialist, and software developer during the past three months. The company also highlighted the importance of soft skills for learners and noted a couple of in-demand learning paths listed below:

Microsoft’s blog post also covers some other topics, showing its continued commitment to helping job seekers, and how the company is collaborating with nonprofits. The blog even looks at how Microsoft’s free learning tools can help job seekers finally land their dream job. If you are interested to learn about Microsoft’s new initiatives, feel free to check out the blog post for more details.