Microsoft’s Gavriella Schuster shares more about the “unprecedented opportunities” ahead for Partners

Michael Cottuli

Microsoft, Gavriella Schuster

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Microsoft has always been good to its partners. It’s an organization that does a ton of business with other businesses in order to build a foundation for its services – not the least of which is a massive cloud ecosystem. In a new blog post from One Commercial Partner’s Corporate Vice President, Gavriella Schuster, it was explained what kind of opportunities partners are going to have access to in the near future.

Schuster points out that the estimated economic value of digital transformation over the next five years is about $20 trillion, proving that Microsoft partners will have no shortage of lucrative opportunities as the world continues to push the boundaries of what technology can do. The blog post tossed out a few impressive figures – seen below – that showed off just what Microsoft’s partners have meant for the Redmond giant over the past few years.

Microsoft Partner Success

To help Microsoft’s pitch, the blog post offered a few testimonials from partners. For instance,  DataStax reports that it “has seen a 140 percent increase in pipeline growth,” and Barracuda mentions that its business “has grown by more than 300 percent in large part due to co-selling with Microsoft. ”

The blog was capped off by the Sixth entry in a series of free “playbooks,” designed to help partners take advantage of a certain area of technology in order to improve their business. This one has to do with Artificial Intelligence – something that’s been increasingly on the tip of everyone’s tongue lately, in the tech world.