Microsoft's Gabe Aul wishes Happy Anniversary to Windows Insiders

Mark Coppock

Everyone’s favorite Microsoftie, Gabe Aul–otherwise known as “he with the big red update button”–took to Twitter to remind everyone that Microsoft’s Windows Insider program is enjoying its first anniversary. As hard as it might be to believe, the Windows 10 Insiders program launched on October 1st, 2014, and has managed to produce a very nice Windows 10 and continues to plug away at Windows 10 Mobile in anticipation of next week’s hardware event.

Gabe Aul tweet that isn't an update announcement.
Gabe Aul tweet.

Head on over to the Insider Hub on Windows 10 for an announcement of the programs one year anniversary. Here’s the gist:

Today marks the one-year anniversary since we first opened the Windows Insider Program. This is a really happy moment for me personally, and a great milestone for the program. It has been amazing to see the impact that the Windows Insider Program has made to how we engineer Windows. The release of Windows 10 the world 2 months ago was made so much better because of your help and feedback throughout the year. Over the last 12 months, we’ve released 27 PC and mobile builds for you to try out and share your feedback, and you’ve seen the highs and lows of developing software with insights and transparency like never before. We continue to be humbled and grateful at the amount of effort and energy that Insiders bring to the program, and we hope that you’ve had a lot of fun along the way too. You got to see things first, try them early in their development, and shape the direction we went. You suggested ideas that made it into the release (and more to come!) and sent bug reports that allowed us to fix problems so that your friends and family running the final release could have a smoother experience.

Of course, the Windows Insider program didn’t end with the official release of Windows 10, and it won’t be ending with Windows 10 Mobile’s release either. It seems like Microsoft will continue to be serious about collecting feedback on its unified operating system well into the future.